30 September 2008

An exciting month ahead of us, fun performances behind us

I can't believe I was so busy with school yesterday that I forgot to do my daily post here. I feel bad, especially as I really don't have anything to say as things have quieted down again news-wise. Though soon that should change with the new Shounen Club episodes for the month, Scrap Teacher and Ryusei no Kizuna dramas starting up soon and of course the first series of concerts for A.B.C.-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 in about two weeks. So there's a lot to look forward to, just not a lot happening right now.

To make up for the missed day I've decided to upload some mp4 versions of performance videos I have on my laptop.

The first is a melody performance with A.B.C. and Kis-My-Ft2 from the 16OCT2005 Shounen Club. It's interesting to see how the groups have changed in the past two years, especially Kisumai as the younger members have grown quite a bit since then and this was also back when they had eight members.

The next video is the 13JUL2007 Music Station performance of Hey! Say! by the Junior Hey! Say! 7 group. It's another video that's fun to look back on things for, with Yuto actually not being the tallest member of the group for a change. And you get to see and hear Daiki in this, though I wouldn't be surprised if he was moved forward in the formation and given a solo line in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy as he is in the drama it's promoting. Or at least that's what I'm hoping for.

28 September 2008

TV program filming updates

I decided to make a quick post about some of the more recent updates on Johnny's net for the filming of various programs that the Johnny's groups will be on.

Hi! Hey! Say! has been updated for the filming for its next two episodes. Hi! Hey! Say! will be filming on October 4th and 18th. The only ones listed for the performances this time for both programs are Hikaru and Yabu with Johnny's Juniors. I'm not sure if listing the Juniors means they will actually do some kind of performance or will just be back dancing as usual. I say this because the Showa x Heisei live stage listing, which hasn't been given a date yet, only has Nakajima, Yamada and Morimoto listed to be performing but it's pretty much a given that there will Juniors there back dancing for them.

Also Kanjani8 are going to perform on the Music Station Special episode. The filming will be on the 3rd of October. I'm not a Kanjani8 fan but I'm kinda excited to see this news as the group hasn't done much this year at all as a group. Their last cd release was back in March and the did do a tour but after that I don't think they did any other full group activities. I wonder what Johnny's has up their sleeves for this, as they don't do anything randomly and they have to be there to promote something. I wonder if there could be an announcement of some kind attached to this, like maybe another cd release before the end of the year.

27 September 2008

October Wink Up Dengonban scans & a couple translations

Now that I'm in a Japanese class again I thought I should try my hand at translating a bit. Of course I'm only beginning my second year of learning the Japanese language so I can't promise perfect accuracy in my translations but I am at a point where I usually get the gist of things and have no trouble with simple sentences. These are translations not transliterations so don't expect to see it translated word for word as it would make for very poor English.

Also if you want to repost this information somewhere please comment and remember to credit. I don't mind mind about the scans, you can take those and do whatever, I don't mind. The translations though are something I had to actually put some effort into so I would appreciate the credit as well as the fact that if there is a mistranslation it would be very helpful for me if people could find me and tell me what I got wrong so I can learn from the mistake. I translated Tegoshi's as it was so short, simple and he even wrote part of it in English.

Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
To everybody who loves soccer,
Soccer is good, isn’t it.
We are soccer player!* That is all.
* Tegoshi wrote this line in English.
I translated Yabu's because it wasn't very long and I'm a L'arc~en~Ciel fan too so I was really curious to know what he wrote.

Yabu Kota (Hey! Say! JUMP)
To L’arc~en~Ciel’s Hyde,
Since 10 years ago I have liked you. The first CD I bought was L’arc~en~Ciel’s. At the time I was in second grade and from then I have always been a fan.
I've also uploaded a ZIP of all three pages of the Dengonban section for those who want to look at what everyone else wrote, though I don't think I'll be confident to translate the rest at the level I am at now.

Hey! Say! JUMP new release updates

First off their has been a track title change for the B-side song that will be on both the LE and RE versions of the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single. What was Journey into Space is now School Kakumei (School Revolution). The song writer hasn't changed and neither has the lyric writer, Yabu, hasn't either. It makes me wonder if someone had mixed up some information when giving out this information for the website updates. But I think the new title seems to fit in with the theme of the single with the tie-in being a school drama and all.

And now that I think about it Mayonaka no Shadow Boy is a love song that has a school drama tie-in so it would make a lot of sense for School Kakumei to be a B-side to relate to the school drama it's promoting and then the other B-side for the RE, Deep Night Kimi Omou, sounds like it's another love song which of course makes it relate to the title track. I think this single promises to have a good balance in terms of theme at least for its songs.

Another update is that the SP that Yamada Ryosuke starred in earlier in the year, Furuhata Chugakusei, is going to be released on DVD December 3rd. So I guess if you have the money to spend and know a big Yamada fan with a region 2 or region free DVD player it would be a perfect holiday gift for them.

Furuhata Chugakusei - Ninzaburo Furuhata, Shogai Saisho no Jiken - / Japanese TV Series

26 September 2008

A.B.C.-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 J-web

Johnny's net has updated to announce that A.B.C.-Z & Kis-My-Ft2 are getting a shared J-web. J-webs are pretty much blogs for the boys, not all get them and some are only temporary and used for when Johnny's wants to promote something, and in this case it's the upcoming concerts. It's also a Japan only service as you have to access it through a cell phone. The name of the J-web is えびきす (which literally would translate to the abbreviations of the groups' names ABKisu).

I really hope the fans that have access to J-web are willing to share the entries to those who can't, like everyone who doesn't live in Japan. I really would love to hear from the boys, especially Kis-My-Ft2, about the concert and anything else they feel like writing about.

SMAP concert DVD

I have only slept about four hours in the last forty eight hours so I'm just writing this up real quick before heading to bed for some much needed rest.

In what looks like one of the quickest turn around times I've seen SMAP will be releasing a live DVD, for I can only assume is the currently ongoing dome concert tour that they're doing. It seems a bit pricey at 8000Yen but according to the cdjapan listing it will contain 3 discs so it looks like it will be worth the price for SMAP fans to have.


I wish JE/J-Storm was this quick with releasing concert DVDs. Especially if we do get a SUMMARY DVD as it would probably be released by now if it had the same kind of turn around time.

Also in other news, the LE version of the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single went back out of stock again at cdjapan. I was kinda shocked it went out of stock so quickly. I don't think their past singles LEs sold out that quickly, so I guess this could be seen as a sign of Hey! Say! JUMP gaining popularity. I think the Scrap Teacher drama will help them a lot with that too, especially as Yamada is in it and he has the biggest fan following of the group so far and it seems to just keep growing.

24 September 2008

It really wasn't just a dream...

First day of class and while it was long and I was busy with either being in a class or getting things done around campus I'm glad to be back. I also decided to head over to Kinokuniya to see about picking up the October issue of Shogakuyonensei. I usually don't scan things the moment I can but I made the exception today as I was so excited about a tiny picture on one of the two pages they had for a report about the SUMMARY concerts.

While the report is mostly focused on Hey! Say! JUMP on the first page the have pictures of the Junior groups and Nakayama Yuma at the bottom. And the group that had me so excited to see listed was Top3. Yes, that's right, the Hasshi-trio for the first time, which sadly could also be the last time, were listed as Top3 in an official magazine. And even if the picture is tiny and it's hard to make them all out because of that, it now stands as undeniable proof that this group did officially exist, even for a brief time. As a big fan of this trio even if this is a small thing it means a lot to me and I really hope this won't be the last time I get to see Top3 listed in a magazine.

I went ahead and uploaded both pages as it just seemed like the thing to do. But as I mentioned the Juniors really don't any other mention than those pictures on the first page, besides a small picture of Takaki singing with B.A.D.

23 September 2008

The Year After & Some Thoughts On The Future

It's already the 24th in Japan so instead of waiting for tomorrow I'll get this all out today as I have my first day of classes for the Fall quarter tomorrow, which means I'll probably not going to have a lot of time then.

As I'm sure most Hey! Say! JUMP fans already know September 24th marks the yearly anniversary of the group's formation. I remember all the excitement of that day a year ago still rather clearly. Because of the time differences the announcement came about mid-morning my time on the 24th, even though it was already evening in Japan. I think because of this we had a lot of immediate fan reaction in the English speaking part of the Johnny's fandom.

I know I was just psyched about the news as I been a fan of the Junior Hey! Say! 7 group and having all of them debuted made me happy. Though I was a bit taken back by the size of the group but after a couple of months I got used to it for the most part. Thankfully Johnny's made it a bit easier by dividing the group into two sub-units from the start, Hey! Say! BEST for the five older boys and Hey! Say! 7 for the five younger ones.

It's taken some time but HSJ seem to finally be picking up the pace in terms of getting themselves on TV shows, dramas and other various media outlets. Next month they release their fourth single which indicates that they should be releasing an album next, though I have the feeling it won't be until early 2009 for that to be released. And I hope they get more chances for dramas, like maybe the BEST members all getting chances to be in high school dramas, as the older groups' members seem to be moving on to roles for older characters which leaves those roles open for the younger group with members that are actually the same age as the characters they're portraying.

I've enjoyed following HSJ for the past year and can't wait to see what the next year will bring for them.

Now on the flip-side of the HSJ debut not everyone was cheering. Of course their was quite a bit of disappointment mixed in with the excitement as with the debut two Junior groups were broken up, J.J. Express and the much beloved Ya-Ya-Yah. I think the fans of J.J. Express, while disheartened by the group disbanding were at least somewhat prepared for it as there had been rumors about the group getting broken up when the Junior Hey! Say! 7 was formed with two of its current members, Takaki and Arioka in that group. The break up of Ya-Ya-Yah though came as a shock to almost everyone. The group had been around since Shounen Club's early years and was one of the most popular Junior groups and had even had their own concerts. And it didn't help matters when word got out that Taiyo quit Johnny's altogether. In fact it seemed like more people hated HSJ than liked them for several months after the group was formed. Thankfully most of that seems to have changed but I have noticed that some people still seem to hold a grudge against them for whatever reason.

Looking at the Juniors now it still looks like things haven't quite settled as there really hasn't been any new groups formed. Of course that hasn't stopped them from grouping certain Juniors together in proto-groups where they can make slight adjustments if they want without it being a big deal. And of Johnny's has just recently begun shuffling Juniors around with the new A.B.C. group formations they're creating. I hope 2009 will give us a couple of new Junior groups, even if they are temporary at least it'll make it easier to learn which Junior is which as you can just list a name instead of several names that may or may not be together at a later time.

I was happy to see Shoon stick it out and I'm so glad that he's still working hard and Johnny's has been giving him chances to prove himself over the past year. It's a pity that he didn't get to be with A.B.C. long as he fit well with the group but as long as Johnny's doesn't start shoving him to the side completely I'll be happy with him still being on every Shounen Club every month. Not to mention watching him weekly on Hyakushiki-Ou.

Hey! Say! JUMP was the first and so far only group I've been in the fandom for their debut. But I hope there will be another debut coming soon. It almost seems too late for a 2008 debut but then there's always 2009. And since I'm a big Kis-My-Ft2 I'm sure you can guess who I'm rooting for to debut next. ^___^

22 September 2008

Hey! Say! 7 gets a radio program & 4th single update

According to Johnny's net Hey! Say! 7 will be getting a radio program, which is still untitled at the moment, that will run on the radio channel Bunka Hounsou Monday - Thursday and on Friday it mentions that the channel will switch to a net (internet) channel. The program is only slated to be ten minutes long and airs in the ten o'clock hour at night (22:15-22:25).

It's great to hear that they will finally have their own radio program, my only complaint is that it's only for Hey! Say! 7. I would love to see Hey! Say! BEST get their own radio program too, especially as it could give some of the members that don't get a lot of screen time on their shows a chance to stand out. Plus I think Hikaru would be a great MC.

I just really hope they give BEST more work, especially as 4/5 of them will be out of high school after this Spring as Hikaru and Inoo graduate.

In other news, J-Storm has put up information for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, which includes a track listing for the single. The LE will only have two tracks, the title track plus the B-side Journey into Space. The RE will have three songs, the two on the LE plus another B-side called Deep Night Kimi Omou plus the karaoke versions of all three songs.

EDIT: Because I'm sorta a ditz I noticed this on the J-Storm page, as they list who wrote what song and all, that Yabu actually wrote the lyrics to Journey into Space but didn't mention it. For some reason I second guessed myself when I read his name and lamely forgot to check the profile page to double check. Probably because I just wanted to get this information up as soon as possible.

But I'm really interested now in Journey into Space. I love it when the boys get to actually work on the songs they sing but I didn't think Johnny's would let Hey! Say! JUMP do so already, but I guess Yabu is the oldest so they let him. I hope this is a sign that we'll be seeing a few more of the boys contribute to their songs in the near future.

Arashi new single up for pre-order

Hey guess what's just been put up for pre-order. Though you probably don't need to guess as I've answered that in the title for this entry. It's kinda surreal to think I had made a post about this in the morning and now I'm making another for the actual release. So I'll keep this post simple as I've pretty much already said everything I wanted to in the earlier post.

But here are the cdjapan links. And as I mentioned in the earlier post if you want the LE you probably need to pre-order now as Arashi is popular enough that there probably won't be many if any at all to pre-order it from cdjapan once it goes out of stock.

Beautiful Days [Regular Edition] / Arashi

Beautiful Days [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / Arashi

21 September 2008

Anime Nagase and Chinen starred in, Mukoh Haden (Sword of Stranger), coming Stateside

You know I remember discovering that Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) and Chinen Yuri (Hey! Say! JUMP) being voice actors in an anime movie over a year ago. But between then and now I had completely forgotten about it until reading Anime News Network's Bandai Entertainment Anime Weekend Atlanta panel report. According to the report Mukoh Haden, or The Sword of Stranger as it will be called in the U.S. market, will have a limited theater run (doesn't say if it will be the dub or sub that will be shown) and then in February 2009 it will be released on DVD in the U.S.

I don't think I'll buy it without viewing the movie first, so for me it'll definitely be added to my Netflix queue. I'm really curious to how Nagase and Chinen did with voice acting. I have yet to be impressed by Chinen's acting skills and this was done before he was even a part of the temporary Hey! Say! 7 group so I almost dread it a little. But I think Nagase will do fine and it also has Sakamoto Maaya in the cast so she should make it worth watching at least.

Also another anime being brought over with Johnny's ties is Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the Beast King, which Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids) did the opening theme song for and voiced the adult version of the main character Thor. This is being released by Funimation as a complete box set, as it only ran for 11 episodes, on October 7th, 2008.

Arashi to sing Ryusei no Kizuna theme song

It has been announced that Arashi will be singing the theme song of the upcoming Fall drama Ryusei no Kizuna that stars Ninomiya from the group as well as NEWS/Kanjani8's Ryo and actress Toda Erika. The single will be released November 5th and is titled Beautiful Days.

The Sports Hochi report. (In Japanese only.)

I know with Johnny's fans it's been debated which group if any would get to sing the theme song of this drama because of the two idols attached to it. I guess in the end Johnny's decided to keep cashing in on Arashi, especially with them having two of the three top three singles for the year on the Oricon charts.

I guess in the next few days the single should be put up by cdjapan to pre-order, which if you're an Arashi fan and want to get the LE, as there's always a LE, you should pre-order immediately as they'll sell out quickly and have less of a chance of getting back in stock a few days later like other JE releases.

20 September 2008

Ultra Music Power & Star Time lyric scans

I remember scanning these a while ago but I ended up just completely forgetting about them. That is until today when I was searching for other scans and ended up coming across these. They are scans from the March Young Song booklet that comes with the Myojo magazine and the first has the lyrics and the music score for Ultra Music Power. I'm assuming the music score is for singing as it begins and ends with the lyrics.

The second is an answer to a question about which members of Hey! Say! JUMP sing which lines in the Ultra Music Power single B-side, Star Time. For those curious I can't type out the song in romanji but I will give a list of names for the parts marked.

Hey! Say! 7
中島(Nakajima) 知念(Chinen) 山田(Yamada) 岡本(Okamoto) 森本(Morimoto)

Hey! Say! BEST
(Yabu) 八乙女(Yaotome) 高木(Takaki) 有岡(Arioka) 伊野尾(Inoo)


19 September 2008

Yamapi graduates from university + NEWS shop photo downloads

It has been announced in the news that Yamapi has officially graduated from his university. He was supposed to graduate this past Spring but ended up being a few credits short so he had to finish up to graduate for Fall. I think he might be better for it as in the Tokyograph article it mentions that there were only about 30 other students graduating with him, and as someone who has suffered through a few graduation ceremonies before smaller is better. Way better.

Also I finally got around to scanning the handful of NEWS official shop photos that I have. They range from debut photos to a couple of the more recent photos of the group so I have 8, 7 and 6 member NEWS covered. So they are up for download in a ZIP file. Click the sample image below for the mediafire link for the download.

Hey! Say! JUMP 4th single Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

I guess I was wrong in guessing when the new Hey! Say! JUMP single would come out. Just got my notification from cdjapan for pre-ordering the single which is named Mayonaka no Shadow Boy.

cdjapan's description:

Fourth single release from Hey! Say! Jump featuring their first actual love song, which is used as a theme to the TV drama "Scrap Teacher - Kyoshi Saisei -" starring Hey! Say! Jump members Yuto Nakajima, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, and Daiki Arioka. The track has painfully sad, passionate lyrics and a melancholic melody with a Spanish taste.

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [Regular Edition] / Hey! Say! JUMP

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / Hey! Say! JUMP

The Limited of course has the PV and making of but the closet to a track listing given for either version is that the regular edition is listed to have three karaoke tracks which means that it will have three songs on it as well. It's hard to tell for now if the LE will also have three songs or not until more information comes out.

18 September 2008

Master Johnny's Birthday List

This is my list of Johnny's birth dates compiled from information on the official websites. This will be for the debuted Johnny's and all of the Juniors on the TakiCHANnel birthday list.


Domoto Koichi 1 January 1979 (KinKi Kids)
Nakata Hiroki 4 January 1994 (Junior)
FukuiKoushiro 6 January 1999 (Junior) 
Kadoi Kento 7 January 1997 (Junior) 
Nishihata Daigo 9 January 1997 (Junior) 
Yamaguchi Tatsuya 10 January 1972 (TOKIO)
Kusumoto Yukito 10 January 1994 (Junior) 
Matsuoka Masahiro 11 January 1977 (TOKIO)
Kusama Keita Richard 11 January 1996 (Junior)  
Okada Aoi 12 January 2000 (Junior)
Nakayama Yuma 13 January 1994 (Junior/NYC)

Koja Nairu 13 January 1994 (Junior)  
Fukumoto Daiki15 January 1999 (Junior)  
Anderson Casey Takashi 15 January 1995 (Junior)  
Akiba Ryusei 21 January 1995 (Junior)  
Hanazawa Akatsuki 22 January 1994(Junior)  
Nagase Ren 23 January 1999 (Junior)  
Yoshino Iori 24 January 2001(Junior)
Sakurai Sho 25 January 1983 (Arashi)
Murakami Shingo 26 January 1982 (Kanjani8)

Takada Soushi 27 January 1994 (Junior)
Shingo Katori 31 January 1977 (SMAP)
Yabu Kota 31 January 1990 (Hey! Say! JUMP)


Fujiwara Joichiro 8 February 1996 (Junior)
Tsubaki Taiga 10 February 1998 (Junior)
Uehara Shotaro 12 February 1998 (Junior)
Muro Masaya 19 February 1994 (Junior)
Morita Go 20 February 1979 (V6)
Kamenashi Kazuya 23 February 1986 (KAT-TUN)

Matsumoto Akio 27 February 1995 (Junior)


Kikuchi Fuma 7 March 1995 (Sexy Zone)
Kouchi Yugo 8 March 1994 (Junior)
Nakajima Kento 13 March 1994 (Sexy Zone)
Massy Wesley 14 March 1995 (Junior)
Tamamori Yuta 17 March 1990 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Senga Kento 23 March 1991 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Moritsugu Ryota 23 March 1994 (Junior)
Miyadate Ryota 25 March 1993 (Junior)
Takaki Yuya 26 March 1990 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Kawaguchi Yu 27 March 1997 (Junior)
Takizawa Hideaki 29 March 1982 (Tackey & Tsubasa)
Yo Marius 30 March 2000 (Sexy Zone)
Uemura Masaya 31 March 1993 (Junior)


Okamoto Keito 1 April 1993 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Nakamura Reia 2 April 1997 (Junior)
Sanda Soichiro 3 April 1999 (Junior)
Konno Takayuki 4 April 1994 (Junior)
Morimoto Ryutarou 6 April 1995 (Junior?/ex-Hey! Say! JUMP)
Yamashita Tomohisa 9 April 1985
Kurita Kei 9 April 1997 (Junior)
Domoto Tsuyoshi 10 April 1979 (KinKi Kids)

Arioka Daiki 15 April 1991 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Nakamura Kaito 16 April 1997 (Junior)
Matsuda Genta 19 April 1999 (Junior)
Imai Takuya 19 April 1995 (Junior)
Yamamoto Ryoma 20 April 1999 (Junior)
Yamasaki Kunta 24 April 1991 (Junior/Veteran)
Kikuoka Masahiro 29 April (Junior/Veteran)


Koyama Keiichiro 1 May 1984 (NEWS)
Fukazawa Tatsuya 5 May 1992 (Junior)
Maruyama Jukiya 7 May 1999 (Junior)
Takahashi Fu 8 May 1998 (Junior)
Yamada Ryosuke 9 May 1993 (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC )
Yokoyama Yu 9 May 1981 (Kanjani8)
Okamura Yuichiro 11 May 1993 (Junior)
Okura Tadayoshi 16 May 1985 (Kanjani8)
Wataru Yokoo 16 May 1986 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Inohara Yoshihiko 17 May 1976 (V6)
Iwamoto Hikaru 17 May 1993 (Junior)
Nishikiori Kazukiyo 22 May 1965 (Shounentai)
Muro Ryuta 25 May 1989 (Junior/Veteran)
Yamakura Shalf 26 May 1995 (Junior)


Kitada Kazuya 3 June 1995 (Junior)
Igarashi Daiki 5 June 1996 (Junior)
Miura Wataru 6 June 1998 (Junior)
Lewis Jesse 11 June 1996 (Junior)
Tanaka Juri 15 June 1995 (Junior)
Goseki Koichi 17 June 1985 (A.B.C-Z)
Kazuma Shunsuke 17 June 1983 (Junior)
Ninomiya Kazunari 17 June 1983 (Arashi)
Matsumoto Hokuto 18 June 1995 (Junior)
Shindo Itsuki 21 June 1998 (Junior)
Mukai Koji 21 June 1994 (Junior)
Inoo Kei 22 June 1990 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Fujigaya Taisuke 25 June 1987 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Ishigaki Daisuke 28 June (Junior)


Kamiyaki Tomohiro 1 July 1993 (Junior/7WEST)
Miyake Ken 2 July 1979 (V6)
Akanishi Jin 4 July 1984
Masuda Takahisa 4 July 1986 (NEWS/Tegomass)
Sakuma Daisuke 5 July 1992 (Junior)
Haba Yuuki 5 July 2000 (Junior)
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi 9 July 1974 (SMAP)
Kato Shigeaki 11 July 1987 (NEWS)
Fujita Yuya 13 July 1995 (Junior)
Hashimoto Ryosuke 15 July 1993 (A.B.C-Z)
Morimoto Shintaro 15 July 1997 (Junior)

Shiramoto Shouta 18 July 1999 (Junior)
Kondo Masahiko 19 July 1964 (Matchy)

Goto Hiromi 20 July 1989 (Junior) 
Tatsuoki Naoya 21 July 1993 (Junior)
Sakamoto Masayuki 24 July 1971 (V6)
Uekusa Katsuhide 24 July 1966 (Shounentai)

Chida Kyohei 25 July 1996 (Junior)
Okazaki Takumi 25 July 1995 (Junior)
Yonedu Ibuki 28 July 1998 (Junior)
Kotaki Nozomu 30 July 1996(Junior)
Sugimura Renon 31 July 1995(Junior)


Nikaido Takashi 6 August 1990 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Ohashi Kazuya 9 August 1997 (Junior)
Kotegawa Honoo 9 August 1997 (Junior)
Nakajima Yuto 10 August 1993 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Nakai Masahiro 18 August 1972 (SMAP)
Fujii Ryuusei 18 August 1993 (Junior/7WEST)
Tanaka Kotaro 20 August 1998 (Junior)
Suezawa Seiya 24 August 1994 (Junior)
Shigeoka Daiki 26 August 1992 (Junior/7WEST)
Matsumoto Jun 30 August 1983 (Arashi)
Abe Aran 30 August 1997 (Junior)
Kaneuchi Toma 30 August 1996 (Junior)
Kiriyama Akito 31 August 1989 (Junior/B.A.D.)


Kokubun Taichi 2 September 1974 (TOKIO)
Nakamura Yuichi 4 September 1983 (KAT-TUN)
Kishimoto Shintaro 6 September 1996 (Junior)
Uchi Hiroki 10 September 1986 (Junior/ex-NEWS/ex-Kanjani8)
Yasuda Shota 11 September 1984 (Kanjani8)
Hanawa Daiki 13 September 1996 (Veteran)
Miyata Toshiya 14 September 1988 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Takada Sho 14 September 1993 (Junior)
Kitayama Hiromitsu 17 September 1985 (Kis-My-Ft2)
Takahashi Saneyasu 17 September 1997 (Junior)
Kishi Takayoshi 18 September 1992 (Junior)
Tatsuta Takayuki 19 September 1995 (Junior)
Moriya Ryosuke 20 September 1993 (Junior)
Shibutani Subaru 22 September 1981 (Kanjani8)
Tamamoto Fumito 22 September 1999 (Junior)
Kuramoto Kaoru 23 September 2000 (Junior)
Matsumoto Takuro 23 September 1993 (Junior)
Tsunekawa Airi 24 September 1992 (Junior)
Masuda Ryo 26 September 1993 (Junior)
Kishi Yuta 29 September 1995 (Junior)
Higashiyama Noriyuki 30 September 1966 (Shounentai)


Kawagishi Kouyou 1 October 1996(Junior)
Nakata Atsushi 2 October 1996 (Junior)
Arimoto Yu 3 October 1992 (Junior)
Ueda Tatsuya 4 October 1983 (KAT-TUN)
Hamanaka Bunichi 5 October 1987 (Junior/Veteran)
Ikuta Toma 7 October 1984
Nagano Hiroshi 9 October 1972 (V6)
Shimizu Yuma 10 October 1994 (Junior)
Morohoshi Shoki 13 October 1994 (Junior)
Takahashi Rin 15 October 1998 (Junior)
Fukumoto Taisei 16 October 1999 (Junior)
Imai Tsubasa 17 October 1981 (Tackey & Tsubasa)
Asada Junya 17 October 1996 (Junior)
Kawai Fumito 20 October 1987 (A.B.C-Z)
Nakama Junta 21 October 1987 (Junior/B.A.D.)
Egami Ryu 21 October 1994 (Junior)
Sashara Eisaku 25 October 1993 (Junior)
Hasegawa Jun 29 October 1985 (Junior)
Hashimoto Ryo 30 October 2000 (Junior)
Jinguji Yuta 30 October 1997 (Junior)
Sato Shori 30 October 1996 (Sexy Zone)
Morita Myuto 31 Ocotober 1995 (Junior)
Inoue Mizuki 31 October 2000 (Junior)


Nishikido Ryo 3 November 1984 (Kanjani8)
Tanaka Koki 5 November 1985 (KAT-TUN)

Watanabe Shota 5 November 1992 (Junior)
Imae Daichi 6 November 1995 (Junior)
Nagase Tomoya 7 November 1978 (TOKIO)

Hagiya Keigo 7 November 1996 (Junior)
Tegoshi Yuya 11 November 1987 (NEWS/Tegomass)
Okawa Keigo 11 November 1993 (Junior)
Kimura Takuya 13 November 1972 (SMAP)
Totsuka Shota 13 November 1986 (A.B.C-Z)

Hayashi Ren 13 November 2000 (Junior) 
Ueda Sho 13 November 1995 (Junior) 
Sawata Masaya 16 November 1998 (Junior)
Joshima Shigeru 17 November 1970 (TOKIO)

Okada Junichi 18 November 1980 (V6)
Nishimoto Kyohei 19 November 1997 (Junior)
Sanada Yuma 21 November 1992 (Junior/noon boyz)

Kawashima Noel 22 November 1994 (Junior)
Maruyama Ryuhei 26 November 1983 (Kanjani8)
Ohno Satoshi 26 November 1980 (Arashi)

Hanuida Amu 26 November 1997 (Junior) 
Abe Ryohei 27 November 1993 (Junior) 
Matsushima So 27 November 1997 (Sexy Zone
Masakado Yoshinori 28 November 1996 (Junior)
Taguchi Junnosuke
29 November 1985 (KAT-TUN)
Chinen Yuri 30 November 1993 (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC)


Yaotome Hikaru 2 December 1990 (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Kyomoto Taiga 3 December 1994 (Junior)
Goku Fugal Shawn 3 December 1994 (Junior) 
Fujiie Kazuyori 3 December 1984 (Junior
Inagaki Goro 8 December 1973 (SMAP)
Tsukada Ryoichi 10 December 1986 (A.B.C-Z)
Okubo Lewis 12 December 1993 (Junior) 
Omata Sho 15 December 1998 (Junior) 
Iwahashi Genki 17 December 1996 (Junior) 
Hamada Takahiro 19 December 1988 (Junior)
Tanimura Ryuichi 21 December 1998 (Junior) 
Aiba Masaki 24 December 1982 (Arashi)
Hayashi Takuto 25 December 1998 (Junior) 
Watanabe Haruki 28 December 1994 (Junior) 
Muro Tatsuki 28 December 1987 (Junior/Veteran
Nozawa Yuki 30 December 1992 (Junior/noon boyz)

Last updated: 15APR2013

I fought laziness and it still kinda won.

Even though I just finished up my class for the summer I just can't seem to get myself motivated to do a lot this week. But that's no good as I begin my fall classes next Wednesday. OTL

One thing I have managed to get myself to do is finally find a new video converter program. I'm really happy with the one I've found as it even allows me to pick selections from a larger cut to convert so I can make my own clips again.

So far they only thing I've done is make a couple of mp4 videos from this month's Shounen Club episodes for the iPod. So I've decided to go ahead and share them, especially after fangirling the Kis-My-Ft2's Kaizoku performance so much a couple of days ago as it really is one that needs to be seen to be fully enjoyed, IMHO.

16 September 2008

Koichi Domoto - Endless Shock DVD release, release speculation

Just got the e-mail from cdjapan for the release of Koichi Domoto's Endless Shock 2008 DVD release for October 29th.

The cdjapan pre-order links are here:

Endless Shock 2008 [Regular Edition] / Koichi Domoto

Endless Shock 2008 [Limited Edition] / Koichi Domoto

With this release I think it's safe to say that there won't be much released from the Johnny's groups in October. There still is a chance that there might be a cd release for the end of the month but normally Johnny's announces releases in chronological order from what I've seen. And it makes sense as the only groups that could be up for another single soon would be Kanjani8, who have been long over due for a new release of any kind with their last release being back in March, KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP.

Though from the Scrap Teacher preview it sounds like HSJ have a new song on the way but drama theme songs tend to wait after a few weeks of airing before the single is released so that would pretty much set it to be a November release. I wouldn't be surprised if it also has a volleyball song tie-in too it as it would be the season for that and usually the volleyball debut groups cover the event up until the next volleyball debut. Of course it means an album for HSJ probably won't happen until 2009 unless they do what they did with NEWS' Pacific album release and release a single the same day. Which would be nice to have an album for them but not so nice on my wallet.

14 September 2008

We are the No.1! Outlow!

Tonight you will get fangirl spazzing from me as one of the parts of the 14SEP2008 Shounen Club that is showing up first for download is the Kis-My-Ft2 performance of their new song, Kaizoku (or Pirates, I'm not sure as the title is in kanji but they sing it as 'pirates' in the song). But yes, Kisumai has been my favorite Junior group for a while now, even though I love Top3 it's hard to really call them a group nowadays with how influx they are. Kisumai on the other hand have been around for years now and were created by two other Junior groups, Kis-My-Ft and A.B.C. Jr., being put together back in 2005. They originally had eight members but lost their 'i' years ago. And that is my quick Kisumai history because I want to babble on and on about them as I love them so. Especially Fujigaya ♥ and Wataru ♥, my favorite members of the group. But I think I'll save that for another entry at a later date.

Here is the streamed video of the Kaizoku(Pirates) performance. You can download the Shounen Club episode from moon_kaka's LJ journal, which is where I got my version of it this time.

The Engrish is rather cute. I'm certain they were going for Outlaw instead of Outlow, being this is a song about pirates, but somebody forgot to run the whole song by someone who is fluent in English. But that's hardly anything new in J-pop.

I think this is one of those songs that you just need to see onstage at a concert to really love. I don't love it like Brand New Season, Fire Beat or Kis-My-Me-Mine, but it has a certain appeal to it. Maybe because it really tries to give every member a solo line, though it's hardly an equal breakdown. And maybe because this seems to be more focus on the performance and less on the vocals. I really wish I could go to the A.B.C.-Z/Kis-My-Ft2 concerts in October and November now. Or maybe Johnny's will answer my prayers and debut Kisumai as a group so I know that one day I'll see them concert. Kinda like I plan no matter what to one day attend a NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP concert. They do seem to be the most popular Junior group now after HSJ's debut and I personally think that they have a lot of potential. But that could just be my bias speaking.

13 September 2008

Upcoming dramas -Fall 2008-

As the Fall drama season is fast approaching I figured I'll comment on those I will be watching that are Johnny's related. There are two dramas this season that I am interested in checking out and those are Ryusei no Kizuna and Scrap Teacher.

Ryusei no Kizuna isn't really the kind of drama that I typically watch. I much prefer the light hearted dramas than any of the ones that take themselves seriously. But the story is kinda interesting and I'm curious to see Ninomiya and Ryo in their roles.

And if it looks like I need a break if Ryusei no Kizuna gets too moody for me then at least it looks like I'll have Scrap Teacher to lighten things up. The preview just came out and it does sound like Hey! Say! JUMP will be doing the theme song of the drama. Or at least I'm hearing young male voices singing the song in the background so I think it's safe to assume that's HSJ. If there is no announcement soon about this song I guess we'll find out in four weeks, October 11th, when the first episode of Scrap Teacher will air.

I uploaded the video up on veoh so you can view it here:

When the episodes fansubs since I'm not that fluent in Japanese come out I will do what I did with Yasuko to Kenji and post first impressions of the first episode. Then I'll follow up around the halfway mark for them and then a final impression of the dramas when I've finished watching them.

12 September 2008

List of upcoming NEWS live performances

For reasons unknown to me the internet is down at my house. As I planned on going into town anyway I've stopped by a local cafe that offers free wi-fi so I can check on what I've been missing since I went to bed last night until now and of course make a quick update here. Hopefully the issue at home will be fixed shortly so I can make a more substantial post soon.

Well with the new single coming out in about three weeks it means that the promotions should really start kicking in. So far NEWS is listed for three shows in connection to the Happy Birthday single. It looks like the promotion will start on CDTV's 15th anniversary episode, where they are listed as guests on September 24th. It's followed up by the usual Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ appearance on the 29th of September. And then the usual Music Station appearance the week of the single release on the 3rd of October. Hopefully they'll get another program to promote the single as three seems like it's too little, especially compared to all the shows Hey! Say! JUMP was on for Your Seed/Bouken Rider.

Also if you have for some reason not heard by now the PV for Happy Birthday has been aired. I think the only thing that really saves it is how cute everyone is in it as it looks like Johnny's has given up spending money on just about everyone but Arashi and KAT-TUN.

11 September 2008

Countdown musings

I'm feeling pretty drained from writing that report that night so I'm just going to ramble on tonight. I should have something more coherent tomorrow to post.

After the announcement of NEWS' winter tour and the fact they will be taking over the Countdown concert at the Tokyo Dome I've been really curious about what this means. Kinki Kids are still doing a New Year's concert but over in Osaka, which of course means they won't be at the Countdown this year. They had been the group that hosted the Countdown concert for the past ten years so it's strange to imagine them not being a part of it anymore at all. But perhaps this is all a part of passing the torch to the younger groups. Also with part of Hey! Say! JUMP now able to participate, as only those 18 and over can work after midnight in Japan, they may not really have the room for so many acts on a single stage.

It will still be strange to a newer Johnny's fan like me not to see Kinki Kids at Countdown. It will be stranger still if the two groups that debuted before Kinki Kids, Tokio and V6 aren't there either. I don't think that information is out yet but I hope those two will be at Countdown, or if they aren't they will be joining Kinki Kids in Osaka. But I guess sooner or later these older groups would stop doing the concert, kinda like how they stop showing up in the idol magazines to make way for the younger Johnny's talents. I'll be sad to see that happen as the older groups are fun to watch interact with each other.

I do hope NEWS gets to host the Countdown concert for as long as Kinki Kids did. And then maybe in ten years a new younger group can take up the honor.

10 September 2008

Shogakuyonensei May-September Johnny's scans

Well I have a report due before midnight tonight that I need to work on so I'm uploading scans for today's entry. These are all the Johnny's related pages from the May - September Shogakuyonensei magazines, minus the Chotto Taimu pages.

List of which month has scans of what:
May: Gokusen trio
June: Gokusen
July: Hey! Say! JUMP, Hana Yori Dango
August: KAT-TUN, Hana Yori Dango
September: Yamashita Tomohisa

09 September 2008

NEWS Winter Concert Tour

Johnny's net has updated with the announcement of a winter concert tour for NEWS. Even though it's listed as a winter tour it begins in the fall on October 15th. They'll be returning to the Tokyo Dome for this tour and even get the honor of having a concert there on New Year's eve, which means the 08-09 Countdown concert will be held on their stage. I'd be surprised if this doesn't mean they will be the ones hosting the event as well.

With the concert it makes me wonder what the chances are now of an album release this year. There is a gap from about mid-November to early December in the schedule that they could use as promotion time for an album but unless recording for it now I don't think it will be ready for a release. I guess time will tell whether or not Happy Birthday will be NEWS' last 2008 release.

Nakayama Yuma hospitalized

It's amazing in what can happen in a couple of days sometimes. Over the weekend Nakayama Yuma had been hospitalized and even underwent surgery for appendicitis and panperitonitis, which is the inflammation of the appendix. The treatment for appendicitis is to remove the appendix, hence the surgery.

He had gone to the hospital Friday night complaining about stomach pains. He was first sent home but the pains continued through Saturday and it was then he was diagnosed with appendicitis and set for surgery.

Yabu Kota was rushed in from Tokyo to help fill in for Nakayama at the Battery/Gokusen concerts. And while he did not perform Nakayama did make an appearance at the concert but in a wheelchair.

Article in Japanese at Daily Sports.

Article in English at Tokyograph.

It hasn't been all that great for Kansai Juniors health wise recently. Between this and Nakama Junta injuring his ankle last month at SUMMARY. Hopefully Nakayama will make a speedy recovery but I think it's probably safe to say that even though he might show up for the rest of the concerts this week he won't be performing in them as it takes days to recover.

I'm personally assuming they picked Yabu Kota to fill in for him because for what we know he's not in school, and if he is he would be in college which has a much more flexible schedule than middle and high schools, like the rest of Hey! Say! JUMP and because of his role in Dream Boys he probably has enough solo material to fill the gaps Nakayama's absence has left.

08 September 2008

Kis-My-FtII & A.B.C.-Z on Hi! Hey! Say!

Johnny's net has updated there TV recording page. The information for Hi! Hey! Say! that will be filmed on September 20th, has been updated. The live stage portion is listing Yabu, Hikaru, Kis-My-FtII and A.B.C.-Z as the performers. I think it's safe to assume that Kisumai and A.B.C.-Z are there to help promote their concerts scheduled for next month.

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to really accept Hashimoto being a part of A.B.C. He just doesn't fit well with them at all, in image, age and performance strengths. I mean it was much easier to accept Shoon with the group as he did acrobatics with them but I don't think Hashimoto will be doing that. If anything he's like a new Tohshin, i.e. he'll probably just sing and dance and let the other boys do the acrobatics.

I guess no amount of complaining on my part is going to change things. I'll just keep hoping that once the concerts are over next month they'll be taking Hashimoto out of the group and at least putting him back with Juniors his age again.

I guess I should mention the other Hey! Say! JUMP show so I can end on a more positive note. Showa X Heisei is only listing the three boys, Yamada, Yuto and Morimoto so I'm assuming for them it's back to the usual live stages with those three and they're recording on September 13th. i rather enjoy their live stages overall as it's nice to see Yuto and Morimoto getting some spotlight treatment.

EDIT: Something I didn't notice last night but did this morning when looking at Johnny's net is now both concerts, for October and November, are listed as A.B.C.-Z & Kis-My-FtII concerts, while before only the November concerts had A.B.C.-Z listed in the title.

Yasuko to Kenji mid-season impressions

I figured I should make another post about the Yasuko to Kenji drama as I've finished watching the first six episodes, which puts me about the halfway mark for most dramas. For my initial impressions from watching the first episode check out this entry. And all screen caps for this entry are from episode six as I need to save space on my computer and I didn't have the earlier episodes anymore.

After watching the first three episodes I was beginning to worry about this series suffering from the Gokusen formula, where the kids get in trouble and need the mentor or for this series big brother to come save them every episode. Thankfully the fourth episode breaks the formula and it's one of my favorite episodes as it has pretty solid storytelling and character development all the way through. Even though episodes five and six go back to having a fight scene in random abandoned building formula it changes things up a bit with who does the fighting at least and is actually lending itself to the overall plot of the series. Though I hope there's going to be a couple more episodes that don't have fight scenes in them.

I really think Matsuoka and Hirosue really steal the show in the scenes they are in. They just have this quality about them that really makes you want to watch them. Though sometimes I find it hard to forget the other role I've seen Hirosue in, the female lead in Summer Snow which also starred Domoto Tsuyoshi, which was one of the first J-dramas I ever watched. I honestly love her in both roles even though they're so very different.

The other actors aren't as stand out to me but are still enjoyable to watch. It's nice to see Ohkura's character actually be given some character other than 'perfect boy that Yasuko fawns over.' And Tabe Mikako, Yasuko, has a nice homely charm to her. Her character isn't too much to talk about, other than she's adorable as a little girl, as there doesn't seem to be much more to her than her crush on Jun and a cheerleader for Erika's attempts to confess her feelings to Kenji so far. But somehow Tabe is able to make a character like Yasuko watchable for me, as I usually end up disliking such characters quickly but I honestly don't mind Yasuko.

Overall I'm still very much enjoying the series and will be sad when it ends. Though after it does end Scrap Teacher will take over its time slot so I guess at least I'll have a replacement drama to watch. I only hope it will be as enjoyable to watch as Yasuko to Kenji has been so far.

06 September 2008

Battery/Gokusen concerts news clips

There really seems to be a lack of news for JE. Which is partially why there was no update yesterday. The other reason was that I had a lot of errands to run so I just wasn't at home much at all. I didn't want to go two days without an update so I do have something for today and I'm trying to get some things together to post about so I don't run into that issue again any time soon.

Enough of my chattering. I've decided to stream the videos f-fantasymonica over on Live Journal put up to share for the news coverage of the Battery/Gokusen concerts. I have to say seeing them really makes me wish I could somehow go to one of the upcoming concerts as looking at the concert hall the stage looks so close to the crowd. I mean as amazing as it looks to see the Johnny's concerts with domes full there's just something wonderful about smaller venues as you get better chances of actually seeing performers up close.

This one is definately worth watching as they show some of the Gokusen skit and they had their own Yankumi. XD

I must say I'm quite amused at the fact that the KAT-TUN member to show up as a guest is neither of the two that were actually in the Gokusen drama. I guess there is still a chance for either to show up, but somehow I doubt Jin or Kame will.

In other semi-related news, I've broken down and I'm going to try to as least get the Takaki photo set from this concert off Yahoo!Japan auctions. I'm using a bid service I haven't used before so it should be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be able to get them.

04 September 2008

Matching colors...

Because I'm just so throughly amused by this I know I have to make a post for it. The goods for the Arashi Asia tour this year are up to be viewed at Johnny's net and the colors, purple and yellow, are the same as my high school colors. They even use the purple as the main color with the yellow mainly as trim just like my high school does.

Not only that but the way they designed the 'A' on the goods it looks like an upside down 'V' and the school team names/mascot is the Vikings. I think if I bought any of these items I would feel like I was buying something out of school pride, which just seems weird to me. Maybe because I've been out of high school for a while now.

03 September 2008

NEWS Happy Birthday single covers & Battery/Gokusen concert goods

Ok, now for the entry of the day that runs a completely different vein.

The covers for NEWS' new single Happy Birthday are up on the Johnny's Entertainment website, and it looks like they're continuing the vein of having boring/ugly covers. Seriously, the last good covers NEWS got were those for Pacific and Weeeek, IMHO, and those were released last year. But here are the covers to see for yourself. The limited edition has them standing as a group together the regular edition has the low bit computer graphics in the background.

In other news the first two Battery/Gokusen concerts have come and gone which means the concert goods can be found on Yahoo!Auctions Japan. You can view the auction pages here to see what the merchandise look like. I am so tempted in bidding on some of the Takaki goods. I really don't like the curly hair he has going on but I love how he's smiling so much in his photo set. And I will confess to being very tempted as first about getting the poster, even with the questionable hair and the dead rodent of unknown origins on his shoulder like that. I can really feel my resolve not to buy concert goods until I make it to a concert begin to slip. Maybe I can make an exception for photo sets...

"Say no to stalking." - A message brought to you from your JE idols.

Well that flood of news I made an offhand comment about a few entries before seems to crashing on the shore now. There are a few things I want to make entries for so I'll be posting a couple times today to address them, as I don't think it would do to mix them together in one entry.

This entry is to address a letter that Japanese fans have reported that has been sent to fanclub members. Kamichan has the Hey! Say! JUMP portions of it translated on his blog, but it sounds like the fans have pushed the boys too far with some of their actions.

I think as fans we need to remember that these boys, especially the younger ones, need some breathing room. They give us a lot when they perform and release music we enjoy so the least we can do is give them some privacy.

The original letter as the Japanese blog are posting it:


山田 涼介

知念 侑李

中島 裕翔

親のコネとか、本当にもうつらいんだ 悪口かかれて
岡本 圭人

森本 龍太郎

有岡 大貴

伊野尾 慧

いやな奴しか俺は知らない だからファンでいい仔を見た時はなんか涙が
高木 雄也

藪 宏太

Ya-Ya-yahじゃない、俺をみてよ ファンならそうだろ?
八乙女 光


山下 智久

手越 祐也

俺らは頑張っとんねん その邪魔をするのがアンチと同類の最悪なファンや
錦戸 亮

加藤 成亮

小山 慶一郎

増田 貴久


赤西 仁

亀梨 和也

皆と触れ合うのが正直つらいよ ほんとに、皆は俺を困らせて何したいの?
田口 淳之介

田中 聖

上田 竜也

中丸 雄一


松本 潤

相葉 雅紀

櫻井 翔

僕のせいで そんなの悲しすぎます
大野 智

二ノ宮 和也


橋本 良亮



Were the NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP debuts as random as some say?

Over the past couple of days a thought had been crossing my mind quite a bit so I felt I should write it out to see if it would help give it more focus. And I think it has. I know I've written about the subject of debuts before, but it's one of those things I'll never be satisfied with until I figure it out. Which with Johnny's Jimusho being so secretive about their managing decisions I'll never be able to do so. But it's still fun to theorize and speculate. So here I go, and sorry for the following tl;dr.

There are some things in the Johnny’s fandom that I find that are oddly not questioned as much as I think they should be. One of those things is that groups like NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP were just thrown together at the last minute. I think this came about from the fact that the members of those groups weren’t given much time before they were told they would be a new debuted unit. But I highly doubt Johnny’s debuted them without a lot of planning on their part. Unfortunately the members of the Jimusho that are privy to such information are for the most part hidden from the public so there is little an outsider can learn about these matters from them. So most of this is speculative on my part.

Since NEWS was first introduced as a temporary group with their NEWS Nippon single being only sold in 7-11 stores in Japan most seem to believe that they would go back to their Junior groups after the Volleyball World Cup. Though looking back on things I wonder if Johnny’s ever even thought about not officially debuting NEWS. They had already debuted two groups tied to the Volleyball World Cup, V6 and Arashi, with four years between those debuts and four years had passed since Arashi’s debut. So they were up for another volleyball debut and once they put NEWS together for it, I don’t think there was any turning back. 
Because the single was not sold in cd stores the sales numbers are unknown but they must have done well enough for JE to go ahead and debut them. I think the only way they would have refused to debut the group was if there were major scandals from the get go or the single bombed.

One big difference between V6 and Arashi and NEWS was that Junior groups had not been around so much in V6 and Arashi’s days for Juniors outside of dance units for their senpai. In fact from what I’ve learned about the history of Johnny’s the groupings really came about with the introduction of Shounen Club, where they really had a chance to shine.

That was after Arashi’s debut so NEWS was the first group of Juniors to debut that broke up Junior groups. Some of these groups had been around for years and had dedicated and loving fans. So it was understandable for them to be upset with the groups that they had come to love and watched for years get broken up to create a new group that would get to debut. Maybe this was one reason NEWS was first introduced as a temporary group, to lessen the backlash from those fans. If they got used to NEWS as a temporary unit then perhaps the switch to permanent unit would be easier and bring more of the existing fan base along once they got over the initial shock of the group.

That then takes us to 2007. The four year mark was coming up and to keep up with tradition JE would have to debut a new unit with the Volleyball World Cup as they did with the previous groups, V6, Arashi and NEWS. About mid-year we saw the debut of a new Junior unit called Hey! Say! 7. Their single had some strong competition with Tohoshinki, a Korean singing group that had been gaining popularity in Japan, releasing a 4A-side single the same day. Both J-Storm and Avex promoted the singles heavily that first week of release and in the end Hey! Say! 7 was the one that managed to claim the #1 weekly spot. If anything Johnny’s would have been foolish not to debut the members of the group after that as they had proven that they had some strong selling power.

Of course Johnny’s can’t have a debut without trying to outdo past debuts. They already had a temporary unit turned into a permanent, debuted unit with NEWS so they had to think of something else to do with the group. So we got the biggest and youngest group to debut, made of some of the most popular Juniors of the time with an unknown thrown in.

And once again the heartbreak of four years ago was experienced by the fans of the Junior groups broken up for the Hey! Say! JUMP debut. None probably more heart wrenching than that of the Ya-Ya-Yah fans as the group was around for longer than some of the groups that were split up for NEWS debut four years earlier.

It’s almost been a year and there really haven’t been any new Junior groups announced. I’m clinging to the Hasshi-trio as TOP3 even with the recent announcement but it’s hard to say what their future is. There has been some shuffling of members with A.B.C., much to the group’s fans’ dismay. I don’t blame them as I would begin to get annoyed if they treated Kis-My-FtII the same way, making them look like the group JE uses to promote other Juniors with. In a way it seems like JE is almost reluctant to create new Junior groups. Perhaps it’s because the backlash they saw with the Ya-Ya-Yah fans when Hey! Say! JUMP debuted and they want to make sure none of the groups are able to build up another fanbase like that.

I honestly can’t wait for 2011, for if Johnny’s keeps debuting a new group every four years with the Volleyball World Cup then that’s the year the next debut will happen. It will be interesting to see if we get another temporary Junior group to release a cd like Hey! Say! 7 or maybe they will find another way to gauge popularity of the Juniors for that. And of course just to see which Juniors will be picked to be a part of the unit. I already have an idea from the current Juniors those who seem most likely for debut in a few years just from how much JE seems to showcasing them now. 
*coughtmorimotoshintaroucoughnakayamayumacough* Kinda like how you could tell Yamapi, Ryo, Yabu and Yuto would debut because of how much exposure they got as Juniors. If by then they’ve gone back to making new Junior groups I’m sure there will be heartbreak, but that comes with being a Junior fan. And since those groups would be much newer than some of those NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP broke up it might be less of a blow. Though I think I’ll take it better just knowing that it’s coming.

01 September 2008

Top3 Magazine Scans

Pretty much after the news about the Hashimoto-trio (Hashimoto, Sanada & Nozawa) were being called TOP3 I wanted to help promote the group. I really didn't know how but I eventually figured that one of the few things I could do for this was to scan all the pages from the few magazines I have picked up and share them. So I've scanned everything from when the original Hasshi-trio (Hashimoto, Sanada & Kamei) began getting photo shoots together with any of the photo shoots Nozawa was in, because I'm biased like that.

List of magazines scanned: Duet 05.2008, Duet 08.2008, Popolo 09.2008, Potato 03.2008, Potato 06.2008, Wink Up 05.2008, Wink Up 06.2008 & Wink Up 08.2008.