14 October 2008

A.B.C.-Z/Kis-My-Ft2 concert reports

Well from the news reports and comments of those who went the first A.B.C.-Z/Kis-My-Ft2 concerts where a great success. According to news reports 75,000 people attended the concerts over the weekend. According to Kami-chan's numbers the up coming Hey! Say! JUMP concert series if sold out will attract 153,000 people which means that the concerts over the weekend for these two Junior groups pulled in about half the numbers of what a debuted group will. Of course that isn't taking into account that the HSJ concert could very easily add dates if the demand is there but it's still a good measure, IMHO, at the popularity of A.B.C.-Z/Kis-My-Ft2. And I wouldn't be surprised if they add on more concerts for next month as the demand definitely seems to be there.

There seems to have been some misinformation by the way the news was reported in Japan though as the way they worded things made it sound that this was a debut concert, which it of course wasn't. The concerts were concert debuts, as in the first concerts that A.B.C.-Z and Kisumai weren't just back dancers but the main performers. I think if either group really did debut Johnny's would have made sure everybody knew by the end of the weekend and there would be a cd release announced, which of course there isn't.

But I think this is still all good news for the two groups. I've always thought Kisumai seemed to be a popular group and I think the concerts really helped prove that. And A.B.C. has been around for such a long time it's great to see them finally being able to step out from the back to be the front men in a concert. Hopefully there will be more concerts for the groups next year too, and of course a lot more exposure of them in general.

I want to at least see one of the groups debut. Right now I think Kis-My-Ft2 has the better chance as A.B.C. fills a vital role with their acrobatics at concerts and it would be much more difficult to replace them than Kisumai, as their gimmick is rollerskating which is something I think would be much easier to learn than the stunts that A.B.C. does. Of course Johnny's could always just debut the most popular members of the groups in a new unit, which would be heartbreaking for the fans, but that's never stopped them before. Though I think after the fan backlash from breaking up Ya-Ya-Yah I would imagine that they wouldn't be so quick to break up any other groups that have been around for years and have proven that they have attracted quite the fanbase. At times like these I wish I had a crystal ball to look into the future so I could do more than speculate at these things.


Saori said...

oh, I would so really love to see Kisumai in a concert!!!
And I also think that they may be the next debuting - I really hope so! If instead, they get put apart, then it would be a tragedy T__T I really disliked HSJ at the beginning because Ya-ya-yah was disbanded and Taiyo left T__T (but I love them too, now ^^;)

Anyways, I also wanted to tell you that I love this blog!! I come here always to know what's going on in the JE world, so, without your blog I would be kind of lost and would get the JE news like three months after they happened xDD So, thank you for always writing so much and sharing all the awesome JE news ^__^

Anonymous said...

I started to love Hasshi in A.B.C after I saw many comments about their concert~
At last. I used to hate A.B.C-Z so much. I like A.B.C, I like TOP3, and I prefer Shoon in A.B.C than Hasshi~
But now... yea... Hasshi belongs to A.B.C!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what you heard about the concerts? I've been dying to know how Hasshi did as a member of abc-z.

I always have different theories about who will debut next. I used to feel like it would be kis-my-ft2 but JE is so unpredictable. And with Ebikisu they wouldn't be able to debut all 12 with the huge gap that'd leave in the tokyo jrs. But my latest thought is maybe they put hasshi with them because they would like to debut him with some of the ebikisu boys. Perhaps take the most popular boys of each group and form a unit. If they work together and are intermixed now, then if they did debut only half of them, then it wouldn't be such a shock to see them together. As much as I hate when they split groups up, it seems to somehow work for them in the end. Of course, this is just one random theory of many.

Sorry, I rabbled for wayy too long.

seca said...


I'd love to see one too. They've been my favorite Junior group for some time now and even when I was first getting into the Juniors I thought they seemed to have the best chance for debuting. I can only hope Johnny's sees it the same way.

Thank you, I'm glad people are finding my blog interesting/useful to read. ^__^

Anon #1-

I'm still not used to seeing Hasshi with A.B.C. personally. But I think it might have been for the best in some ways, especially for Hasshi who has so much to learn from the guys in A.B.C., as they've been in Johnny's for so many years now.

Anon #2-

I don't know too much about the concerts other than the little information I've been able to find in English and the little I've been able to pick up from Japanese reports with the limited Japanese I understand. But from all those it sounds like the concerts were quite successful. I think I remember reading one blog with a set list that said he sang Genkai Meter at the concerts. And everything sounds positive with him performing at the concert with the rest.

Yea, I don't think both groups will debut either. Personally I believe it will only be one of them or as you mentioned they'll make a new group out of the two and debut that instead.

I don't rambling as I do that myself from time to time too.

beargirl26 said...

Wow...Johnny would be crazy not to debut one of these groups. O.O A Kisumai debut would be pretty sweet. I love Senga and Miyata and Kitty-chan! 8D And I would get to know them a whole lot better if they debuted and wow...that would be a dream come true! ^^ Although they could totally surprise us and throw in Shintaro, Anderson, Taiga, Yuta, and all of ABC and beat JUMP's record in number of members and youngest to debut. ROFL

seca said...

I don't think Johnny's would be willing to create competition between their own groups so I don't think we'll have another HSJ sized group for at least a while.

But yea, I really think that it will be from these two groups that the next group that will debut will come from.